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Choco hamper

This combo consists  a bunch of 12 Yellow Roses & box of 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Ch..

Rs.1,345 Ex Tax: Rs.1,345

Choco Magic

This Combo consists  a bunch of 10 Red n White Carnations and a 1/2 kg black forest Cake...

Rs.999 Ex Tax: Rs.999

Choco Odyssey

This combo consists  a bunch of 6 orchids,  6 inch cute teddy and a half kg chocolate cake..

Rs.1,180 Ex Tax: Rs.1,180

Choco with Carnation

This combo consist a bunch of 10 pink carnation and 1/2 kg yummy chocolate cake with 6 inch cute ted..

Rs.1,145 Ex Tax: Rs.1,145

Colorfull Roses..

A bunch of 50 mix color roses...

Rs.2,245 Ex Tax: Rs.2,245

Combo with Cute Teddy

All time hit combo of Fresh 12 Red roses with yummy half kg black forest cake with cute 6" teddy...

Rs.1,245 Ex Tax: Rs.1,245

Cute teddy with Roses

A bunch of 12 Red Roses with cute small 6 inch teddy...

Rs.740 Ex Tax: Rs.740

Deep Pink Emotions...

A one sided basket of 30 pink roses..

Rs.1,345 Ex Tax: Rs.1,345

Delicious combo

This combo consists  a bunch of 12 Yellow Roses with special packing and a half kg chocolate ca..

Rs.1,145 Ex Tax: Rs.1,145


50 Fresh red roses bunch in special packing . ..

Rs.2,245 Ex Tax: Rs.2,245


A bunch of 3 pink lily and 12 pink roses...

Rs.945 Ex Tax: Rs.945

Fall in love

A heart shape basket of 50 red roses with lots of greens...

Rs.2,345 Ex Tax: Rs.2,345

First Step…

50 Fresh yellow roses bunch...

Rs.2,245 Ex Tax: Rs.2,245

For someone special…

A White Basket of 100 Red Roses...

Rs.4,445 Ex Tax: Rs.4,445

For Someone…!

This combo consists of a 12 Red Roses Bunch, 1/2 kg Chocolate cake, 16 Ferrero Rocher...

Rs.1,845 Ex Tax: Rs.1,845